Lovers of gay things and great t-shirts... plain and simple :)
Hi, my name's Luke. Founded in Manchester, UK in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Much Gay is born out of a desire to use web skills, design great t-shirts and be as gay as possible without the Village. I'm a one-man band at the moment, so you can judge how well I'm doing all three!

So What Makes You Different?
I don't believe in charging a fortune for clothing and apparel, and I love to celebrate independent designers too. I firmly believe that shopping should be a fun experience, and whilst I strive to provide a seamless and professional shopping experience, I love to play around too! :p

Here at Much Gay we're all about inclusivity. Whether you're older or younger, tall or short, curvy or skinny, you deserve to feel great, and everyone can find something they'll love at Much Gay!

Quick Fire Questions

Favourite Bar in Manchester? Bar Pop

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage? Lager

Favourite Normal Beverage? Coffee

Favourite Song? Walk Along - Trijntje Oosterhuis (she was robbed at Eurovision!)

Favourite Movie? Jurassic Park

Want to Get in Touch?

Sounds good to me! Head on over to our Contact Us page here, or you can get me at:


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