10 Pride 2021 Celebrations Around the World (That We Can't Wait For!)

Let's face it, Pride 2020 has been something of a dud. Between Covid-19 and some dicey weather across the World, 2020 just isn't our year. But fear not! There are some fantastic Pride 2021 celebrations in store for you. With cities across the World more determined than ever to celebrate the LGBT community, 2021 is sure to be an amazing year to be proud.

Here's our pick of the top 10 Pride 2021 celebrations that we can't wait for!

#10: London

London Pride 2021

Image: The Independent

Few places do Pride like London does, and considering the LGBT history in the city it's no surprise. The Pride parade goes all day, snaking through some of the city's most famous spaces, including Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Whitehall.

Soho is definitely where it's at when you're after a (small) libation, but there are events happening all across the city. London doesn't do anything by halves, and Pride 2021 will be no exception, so if you're after a huge event with a ton of proud people - this is it.

If you need your Pride fix for 2020 though, you can check out the virtual Pride that the city has set up - with iconic LGBT people taking over the city's landmarks!

#9: Fort Lauderdale

Full disclosure, we here at Much Gay visited Fort Lauderdale Pride back in 2018 and wow was it amazing. A more intimate Pride than some of the bigger celebrations, the city's Wilton Manors district is taken over by a fantastic LGBT celebration. There's the obligatory Parade, as well as some great bars and restaurants flinging open their doors. And the best part? Entry is free!

Pride 2020 was due to host the first annual Pride of the Americas event, however, this has been postponed to 2021. It's sure to be a great celebration on Fort Lauderdale Beach - you can check out the promo below!

 #8: San Francisco

San Francisco Pride 2021

Image: The San Francisco Examiner

One of the oldest Pride celebrations in the World, San Francisco's part in LGBT history is undeniable. 2021 will be on of the biggest celebrations in the city's history, with a ton of events and parties! The festivities occur over two days, and the Parade goes from the Embarcadero all the way to the Civic Centre, with the famous Castro district the heart of the celebration.

#7: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Pride 2021

Image: Time Out

Featuring a full week of celebrations and parties, nobody does Pride like the gay capital of the Middle East, Tel Aviv. With the parade and the party a stone's throw from the famous Blue Beach, it's hard to find a better located Pride celebration in the World!

Bringing together an amazing and touching cross-section of people from every religion, race and background, Tel Aviv Pride is about as diverse as it gets, and if you want the weather on your side, look no further!

#6: Sydney

Sydney Pride

Image: Star Observer

Whilst Sydney hosts a ton of amazing events and celebrations across June ever year, the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival in February is where its at, and 2021 will be no exception. One of the most famous events in the Pride calendar, the party is a must for gay guys around the World.

#5: Taipei

Taipei Pride 2021

Image: Gay Star News

Whilst unfortunately a lot of the countries in Asia aren't particularly LGBT friendly, the same can't be said for Taiwan's capital Taipei. Bringing together thousands of LGBT people from across Asia, the annual festival is a must in Asia's gay pride calendar.

With a parade that snakes across the entire city, and tons of bars that cater to all tastes (from clubs to bear dens), you're sure to find something you'll love at the Taipei Pride 2021 celebration!

 #4: São Paulo

Sao Paulo Gay Pride 2021 Image: Pink News

Featuring the biggest Pride Parade in the World (3.5 million attendees in 2019), São Paulo doesn't do its celebrations by halves, and Pride 2021 will be no exception!

As well as the huge parade, there are celebrations all over the city, and if saunas and bathhouses are your thing (wink) then you'll be overwhelmed by the choices on offer!

#3: Johannesburg 

Johannesburg Pride 2021

Image: Mamba Online

Hailing itself as the Pride of Africa (clever title eh?) Johannesburg Pride has inclusion as its heart. Taking over the city's Sandton district for a full day of celebrations, the event features a Parade, stalls and as much food and drink as you can manage.

Whilst Africa, like Asia, is not the most LGBT friendly of continents, Johannesburg Pride stands out as a shining example of love and acceptance - and the people of South Africa really make this an event worth seeing. If you're looking for a Pride 2021 celebration with a difference, look no further!

#2: Manchester Pride

Manchester Pride 2021

Image: LGBT Foundation

Okay, so, full disclosure, Much Gay is based in Manchester, so we couldn't very well not mention our own Pride parade could we? To be fair, it's with good reason, as it's one of the best in the World. With a massive parade and four days of festivities in the world-famous Gay Village, plus amazing live acts (like Ariana Grande and Years and Years in 2019), what's not to love?

Manchester Pride caters for all tastes too. Whether you're after some cheesy music and cheap drinks in Bar Pop, a quiet pint during the day in Thompson's, or a lively and eye-opening night in Company Bar, Manchester Pride has it all.

#1: Copenhagen

Copenhagen Pride 2021

Image: Rove

Not only is Copenhagen holding a Pride celebration in 2021, it's hosting World Pride, a worldwide celebration that moves to a different host city every year, as well as the EuroGames, which will see LGBT athletes compete throughout August. Pushing the hashtag #youareincluded, August 2021 is sure to be about as gay as it gets in Copenhagen.

If you haven't visited before, Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Danes are a wonderful people, friendly, welcoming, and above all, so proud of their LGBT community. If you only get to one Pride event in 2021, make sure this is it!

Don't forget too that you're in the Shengen area when you're in Europe, so you can explore nearby Sweden as well. Malmö, which is just across the Øresund Bridge, is well worth a visit, and is also hosting Pride events at the same time. All of you Eurovision fans out there may remember Malmö, as it hosted the 2013 competition!


So there you have it! Our run down of the 10 Pride 2021 celebrations we're most looking forward too. Which ones are you planning to attend? Let us know in the comments below!

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