The 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei, Taiwan

When you think of major gay destination in Asia (and we'll be honest, unfortunately, there are not that many) Taipei may not immediately spring to mind. But the reality is that the Taiwanese people are wonderfully accepting of LGBT culture, and Taipei is something of a gay hotspot in Asia.

The gay bars of Taipei are centred around the city's Red House District, once a market, now home to trendy bars and restaurants and Taipei's official gay village. If you're visiting Taiwan (or even nearby), Taipei is definitely worth a visit.

Without further ado, and continuing our Gay Cities series, here's our list (in no particular order) of the 10 best gay bars in Taipei, Taiwan!

G Paradise

Definitely one of the places to be seen in the Red House District, G Paradise has a large terrace, perfect for people watching or catching the eye of interesting strangers!

The bar has a great cocktail menu, and attracts patrons of all ages. Definitely a must if you want to see Gay Taipei in all its glory!

Hero Bar

Hero Bar Taipei - The 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Hero Bar

Hero Bar is a basement bar, and although small, it attracts an eclectic crowd, and always makes for a good night!

The bar hosts regular theme nights, from shirtless night to bear meet-ups and everything in between. If you want to see the best that Taipei's gay scene has to offer, make sure you head over to Hero Bar.

Cafe Dalida

Cafe Dalida Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Cafe Dalida

The home of drag in Taipei, Cafe Dalida is a fun, quirky bar with a fantastic cocktail menu. Their mojitos in particular are famous, and the cafe regularly hosts live DJs, making for a fun night of dancing.

There's a great outdoor seating area too if you want a quieter experience, perfect for watching the nightlife go by.

Hunt Bar

Hunt Bar Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Hunt Bar

Another basement bar, Hunt is famous for its themed nights, including small towel night, as well as their regular KY Wrestling evenings. Definitely not a bar for the meek and mild, Hunt Bar is a must see in Taipei!

Funky Club

Funky Club Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Funky Club

Funky Club is one of the oldest gay bars in Taipei, and is extremely popular with crowds of all ages. Funky Club has a huge dancefloor, with an eclectic pick of music, so whatever your taste, you're in for a good night.

The bar hosts regular theme evenings and is famous for its karaoke, so if you're in the mood for a croon, definitely check it out.

Goldfish Bar

Goldfish Bar Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Goldfish Bar

A stylish and trendy lounge, Goldfish bar has great cocktails, as well as gorgeous decor and a laid-back atmosphere. The bar is unique in that it has tall walls and ceilings, allowing it to showcase beautiful art and sculptures.

If you're looking for a relaxing drink with a friendly atmosphere, definitely check it out!

The Garden

The Garden Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: The Garden

Offering great cocktails and a relaxing atmosphere, the Garden features a ton of outdoor space, letting you watch Gay Taipei go by. There's also a second floor, the Secret Garden, and the interior of both are decked out with lush greenery.

If you're looking for something a little different, the Garden has you covered.

Casa Bar

Casa Bar Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Casa Bar

Casa Bar used to be known as G Mixi Bar, but it has since been remodelled and now has a very cool, trendy industrial vibe. 

They have a great drinks menu, and like many of the bars on this list a ton of outdoor space, so if you want to watch gay Taipei pass by then Casa Bar is definitely worth a visit!

Once Cafe and Bar

Once Cafe and Bar Taipei - 10 Best Gay Bars in Taipei - Much Gay

Image: Once Cafe and Bar

A stylish bar with plenty of handsome bartenders, Once Cafe and Bar is a relaxed affair, with great drinks and a fantastic atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit!

Matt Bar

A dedicated karaoke bar, Matt Bar has a fantastic atmosphere, and is notable for its dedication to Japanese gay bar art, much of which is on the walls and definitely reflects the crowd.

If you fancy a song and want to check out some hot bears, Matt Bar is the place!

And there you have it, our run down of the 10 best gay bars in Taipei. What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Jul 26, 2020
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