Shuffle Baby - The 80's for the 2020's

When you think of recent decades, none are more iconic than the 80s. The fashion, the hair, and particularly the music are memorable to everyone. That's why we were delighted to sit down with Jonas Hellesøy, lead singer of Shuffle Baby. Laid back, uber-fashionable and with the kind of singing voice you're jealous that you don't have, Jonas chatted to us about Shuffle Baby's upcoming single and what's next for the band.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Shuffle Baby are the 80's for the 2020's, and their sound is a unique blend of 80's synth and pop with hints of electro. If you haven't heard their music before, start now. We've had 'Get That Gold' and 'Hot Love' on loop at Much Gay HQ for days! All of Shuffle Baby's members are super-handsome, but you might want to be sitting down before you watch their music video below!

Jonas, can you tell us a little bit about Shuffle Baby?

We're a trio from Bergen, Norway, consisting of me (vocalist and writer) producer Erlend Aarli, and drummer Truls Prestegard. Our synth pop is heavily inspired by the most shameless dance pop, soul and electro funk of the 80s! Shuffle Baby have previously released several singles, and our debut EP Posers dropped in 2019.

We're an independent band, but despite this our music has been streamed more than 300,000 times on Spotify alone (and we've appeared in a few of Spotify's major playlists). We've also been featured on one of the biggest radio channels in Norway, and we've had great reviews in both National and International music blogs.

Shuffle Baby's new song is due to drop on July 31st! Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Over It is a synth-driven high energy pop song, blending our love for modern pop music with retro 80’s dance pop. The song features heavy-duty synth bass over drum machines, beneath layered pop vocals and lush analogue synths. The song chronicles the conflicting feelings of cutting off someone (or something) that are equal parts addictively sweet and lethally toxic.

Where do you guys draw your inspiration from?

We mostly draw our inspiration from the 80’s, both in style and music. I personally love fashion and so I like to blend the modern and the vintage look and feel into Shuffle Baby.

It's clear that fashion is very important to you - does it influence your music?

My passion for fashion gives me a whole lot of confidence while writing. Choosing an outfit and writing can have some similarities in the way you lay down layers. You start with some casual denim pants, which would be your beat, and work your way up. Sometimes you keep it pretty straight, other times you throw on your pearls and do your nails! It’s all about confidence and believing that what some might call “over the top” others idolise and take great inspiration from. Good examples for me here are Freddy Mercury as a musician and Jonathan Van Ness in the styling and fashion world. 

We're massive Eurovision fans here at Much Gay - would you guys ever want to compete in a future competition?

We know that the Eurovision competition has a huge place in the LGBTQ community and vice versa. It’s sort of a magical scene where no one questions your taste in music or sexual preference, something for everybody. I can’t say that we personally follow it every year, but we certainly enjoy it when we do! If we got the call, we would absolutely have the discussion at least!

What's next for Shuffle Baby?

Right now we are trying to make the best of this tragic pandemic we are all dealing with. We’re finding new ways to reach our audience through social media, and we’re releasing as much content as possible! We’re looking forward to hopefully putting together a show later this year, as the Norwegian government is opening up for large gatherings again. And of course, making and putting out new music!


The passion that the band have for their music and their fans is infectious. We definitely recommend a listen! You can check out Shuffle Baby's music videos here.


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  • Jul 29, 2020
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