#RIPELLEN - The Bizarre Case of a Twitter Phenomenon

We've seen this before. A rumour starts somewhere in the back alleys of the internet that a celebrity has died (the horror of believing that Art Attack's Neil Buchanan had died springs to mind). This week, it's Ellen Degeneres' turn. Out of nowhere, rumours that Ellen had jumped off a building were all over Twitter, and #RIPELLEN was trending.

Twitter users soon sussed it was a hoax, but in another win for the wit and humour of Twitter users, they went to town with their own take on tributes to Ellen. Just to be clear, we're glad she's okay, but you can't help but laugh at these!


Reports have surfaced recently that Degeneres' long running show is facing the axe, and reports that she is often rude to her staff have not led to much sympathy from the guardians of Twitter.


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  • Jul 07, 2020
  • Category: News
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