Our Partnership with MrD London!

Today we're thrilled to announce our partnership with MrD London! Borne out of our passion for great products that gay guys will love, and MrD London's unrivalled quality, it was a match made in heaven for us here at Much Gay!

MrD London is famed for its fantastic range of comfortable, stylish and striking socks. Made from premium quality cotton, and designed to make a splash, you can't do a bigger favour for your feet than a pair of socks from MrD London!

We were so excited to sit down with Marcus, founder of MrD London to chat a little bit about the brand, as well as what's next for them!

Can you tell us a little more about MrD London?

Well our initial range landed at the very end of 2014. After years working with a sock manufacturer and the growth in importance of men's accessories, teamed with the constant challenge for a menswear designer to focus on key details that set products apart from competitors on the market place, the idea of socks meant I could add a hint of colour, fun and individuality to any outfit whether casual or formal. It was a great opportunity to keep my hand in (or should I say foot in!) the world of menswear. 

What inspired you to found MrD London?

After a lengthy career as a menswear designer I chose to take some time out and focus on my love for illustration until a very persuasive sock manufacturer suggested I design a range of socks. Teamed with my interest in colour, pattern and detail I had forgotten the excitement! All the way from sketching the initial concept through to receiving the development sample, and so MrD London was born.

Your products are sold around the World (and now here at Much Gay!) - what do you think has made MrD London so successful?

I like to think it’s the designs and colour that set our socks apart from other brands on the market place. I have been fortunate to attract a very varied customer base so far. The beauty of socks is that there is no age barrier. I feel they can appeal to anyone who may want just a hint of colour to someone who may want to make a statement with this essential accessory. I've also been fortunate to attract some celebrities and top male models both in the U.K and worldwide!

What's next for MrD London?

I'm looking at introducing scarves, hats and gloves this autumn (all with the characteristic MrD London look!)

We can't wait! We couldn't be prouder to be working with MrD London, and you can check out the collection by clicking on the image below:

Much Gay Socks Collection

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  • Aug 10, 2020
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Marcus Davies August 10, 2020


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