Much Gay's Summer 2020 Anthems

Let's face it, Summer 2020 has been a bit of a dud. From Coronavirus to the cancellation of Eurovision, it's not been the Summer that anyone was hoping for. However, that hasn't stopped some fantastic music making it out onto the airwaves!

So in no particular order, sit back and relax as we take you through Much Gay's Summer 2020 anthems, a collection of the songs we can't stop listening to here at Much Gay HQ!

Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

Harry Styles has come a long way from twink-fest One Direction. With an early-2000s Sunday morning easy-listening vibe, it's a great little tune. Perfect for the Summer!

Hallucinate - Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa just keeps knocking it out of the ballpark doesn't she? Probably one of the catchiest songs on this list, we can't stop listening to Hallucinate. You should check out Future Nostalgia (her album) too, it's fantastic!

Hot Love - Shuffle Baby

If you're looking for an 80's electro-pop sound, Hot Love by Shuffle Baby is your answer! Another rather catchy tune, the band (from Norway) are going from strength to strength. Their brand new single 'Over It' is fantastic too! We spoke with Shuffle Baby recently on our blog, you can check that out here

Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) - Joel Corry

Definitely in the club anthem category, Head & Heart is a thumping dance anthem, and MNEK's amazing vocals really bring it to life. It has a great music video too - check it out!

Also worth noting that Joel Corry is seriously hot (he's a fitness model as well):

Joel Corry

Think About Things - Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið)

One of the casualties of this year's Eurovision cancellation, Iceland's entry Think About Things was one of the favourite's to win 2020's competition. It's a zany, catchy pop anthem, and the story behind it is beautiful. Daði Freyr is a solo artist, but roped in his friends, his wife and his sister to perform Think About Things, a song dedicated to his baby daughter. Very sweet, and it will be stuck in your head all day!

Nobody But U - Tony Aye

Another fantastic release from Tony Aye!, Nobody But U is a swinging 50s-motown inspired song. Catchy to the last, it's been on repeat more than once here at Much Gay HQ! We sat down with Tony (who's lovely by the way) recently (you can check it out here).

Dance Monkey - Tones and I

Australian singer Tones and I is taking the World by storm at the moment, and it's not hard to see why. With one of the most distinctive voices in music today, she's kept us bouncing along in our seats with Dance Monkey. It's got a great little music video too!

Plastic Ferrari - Gregory Dillon

Not sure if you're noticing a theme here, but catchy songs seem to be a feature of this list! Plastic Ferrari is possibly the catchiest, the latest offering from New York-based singer-songwriter Gregory Dillon. It's a fantastic song, and trust us, you'll be singing it for days! We sat down with Gregory recently - you can check out the interview here.

Say Something - Kylie Minogue

Ah Kylie... you can't go wrong with Kylie. A staple artist on most gay guys' playlist, she's back with a stonking hit, 'Say Something'. It's a great song, take a listen!

The Mamas - Move

Another casualty of this year's Eurovision cancellation, The Mamas were due to represent Sweden in the competition. Sweden has a fantastic Eurovision track-record, and Move is no exception. It's a fantastic song, and has been on our playlist since way before the competition was due to take place back in May! Definitely worth a listen!


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  • Aug 06, 2020
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