Gregory Dillon's 'Plastic Ferrari' is the Pop Anthem We Need This Summer

Not only is Gregory Dillon super-handsome, he's got an amazing voice too. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Dillon has been delighting fans with an eclectic mix of pop anthems. Now, with Covid-19 still looming over us, his latest single, 'Plastic Ferrari', may just be the tune we need to get us through this summer.

Featuring a delightful socially-distanced music video (no easy feat), Plastic Ferrari has been on repeat here at Much Gay HQ. It's catchy, easy-listening that can't help but make you smile.

We caught up with Gregory Dillon (who is a delight to chat with by the way) to find out more!

We've heard Plastic Ferrari and it's great! Can you tell us a bit about the ideas and meaning behind the song?

Plastic Ferrari unboxes the (closeted) life of a male doll, and the struggle that hides behind his plastic mould. Though I wrote this from the perspective of a play-pretend world, I felt it bridges a reality queer kids know all too well.

We saw that your video dropped too and it looks fantastic. Was it fun to make? Can you tell us a bit about it?

This idea grew from an obsession with Barbies. As a kid, I never let myself play with them except on rare occasions when my sister wasn't home and I could sneak into her room. Despite the lack of experience with them in my youth, I felt really drawn to portraying them in this rom-com music video: the physicality is so funny in this queer adult dilemma. I was lucky to have two close friends willing to play this all out with me during quarantine. You got to get creative!

You've got an impressive catalogue of songs and videos on Youtube. What's your favourite song that you've put out so far and where does the inspiration for your music come from?

Why thank you! Picking a song would be like choosing a favorite child, and because Plastic Ferrari would throw a temper tantrum I have to give him all of my attention at the moment ;) (but secretly go check out Love Again and Where We're Going...)

We're based in the UK but our favourite gay bar in New York when we visited was Marie's Crisis. Do you have the lowdown on the best gay hangouts in New York?

Love that place for their signature vodka and cranberry! Right now the best spot to party is on my roof-top where we share a kiddie pool and the broken door sometimes has you trapped up there for hours with nothing to do but dance your booty off.

What's next for you? Any news songs on the horizon?

This summer's packed with releases and though I can't say much, something big is dropping in Autumn. 

We can't wait! Make sure you check out Gregory's Youtube Channel here for all of his music videos (they're awesome)!


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  • Jul 16, 2020
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